Wednesday, January 17, 2007

All Moved!!

Well, we are all moved into our new apartment in Estevan, and I am moved into my parents basement for a little while. Our move was very exciting, we froze our butts off, and a few things got broken.
And then I went to start up my computer, and guess what, I have a trojan horse, that is causing my computer to restart and restart.... man does that ever suck.....

So the Dell guy told me that I need to somehow back up everything and then reinstall windows. He was absolutely no help at all, all he said was that I have to take my computer to a computer shop to back up the files and then press F11 and my computer will reinstall windows, and I will lose everything on it. Oh, why can't he just fix it for me??? I have no idea how I got this trojan, because the last time I used the computer it was just fine, all I thought was that I was trying to hook it up wrong.

I will not be posting much at all for the next little while, because I am borrowing my Mom's computer. I have absolutely no new cards made, sorry guys, but as soon as I can get working on something, I will be sure to post it!!

For now, Take Care!!!

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Toby said...

Aren't computers wonderful?.. but when they have problems they sure are a pain aren't they? Hope you get it all fixed up.
Looking forward to seeing some valentine cards soon!!