Sunday, December 30, 2007

Late Christmas Cards!!

Hey everyone,

I had made a couple of Christmas cards, but didn't want to post them until the recipents got them, because I think they both may check out my blog. So now that Christmas is over, I am safe to post them!!

They were both done with the same stamp set, called Baby Jesus is Born by Stampin' Up!

Here they are:

On the bottom card, I used a bit of glitter glue in gold on the corners to add a bit more *sparkle*. Oooh, I like these cards sooo much..should have just kept them for myself!!

My post is going to be really short today, because my husband is snoring on the couch, and it's driving me nuts!!! lol!!
Also, if he is sleeping, that means I could be cardmaking!!!
Talk to ya all later.

Have a Wonderful New Year, and have a drink for me!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Look what I got in the mail!!

What a beautiful card I received!! It was made by Bev Barnett (who is Nancy's Mom - in case you didn't know). She has a blog too, but I am not sure how active she is on it, click here for her blog.

Inside this card, Bev embossed "Season's Greeting's" in gold. It is just the right touch.
I also love how she did her coloring on the tree's decorations and the presents with Sakura stardust pens!! Very, very classy and beautiful card, Bev. Thank you so much for thinking of me!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Snowmen!!

Hi Everyone!!

This has been such a busy week for me. I did manage to get most of my Christmas cards out today, now I just have to hope that some of them actually make it to their destinations on time. Sometimes I feel like I am never on time!!

I am going to show you the rest of my snowman cards today, and because I pretty much used the same stuff for all the cards, I am not going to post the recipe. If you do have a question, go ahead and ask it, and I will try and help you.

So.....on to the cards.....

I hope you like all three cards!! Hopefully I will get in 1 more post before Christmas, but I gotta tell you that I am just amazed by all you ladies that still manage to post alot before the holidays. I don't know how you do it, I am really feeling the time crunch this year!!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A couple of my new christmas cards.

Here are a couple of my new Christmas cards that I made this year. I actually made 6 cards with the same stamp, and made them all different. I will post a couple today, and more in the next few days!!

Here is the first one.....
I love how sparkly these cards are, and they are just perfect for something different for christmas!! Here are the deets....

Stamps: Penny Black - snowy & hedgy, Hero Arts - Joyful Greetings
Paper: SU whisper white, DCWV the christmas glitter stack, Imagine that textured cardstock
Ink: Versafine black, embossing ink, prismacolor pencils and OMS
Accessories: May arts ribbon, whispers - silver tinsel embossing powder, spiral clip

Here is the second card...

Stamps: Penny black - snowy & hedgy; Hero Arts - Joyful greetings
Paper: Imagine that textured cardstock, SU whisper white, metalic cardstock, dcwv the christmas glitter stack, unknown patterned paper
Ink: Versafine black, embossing ink
Accessories: Whispers silver tinsel embossing powder, offray metallic ribbon, silver brads

I hope that you all are having more luck getting ready for Christmas then I am. It seems like I just can't find any time to do any baking, or send out any cards at all!! And Dusten and I went to his Christmas party last night, and I've felt sick all day...another day down the drain!! Oh well, it's going to come whether we are ready for it or not...right?!!
Have a great day, and I love reading your thank you for making my day!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

What is going on today

I really want to post lately, but I seem to be having some computer problems. Yesterday, every time I tried to post a picture, it disappeared. Sometimes it just makes you want to give up, ya know??!!
I made this card and sent it in the mail to my Mom. I thought she might need to be reminded, how much I love and miss her!! She is an absolutely amazing woman, and I miss seeing her everyday!! And she is a awesome blogger too!! If you haven't already looked at my Mom's blog, it is called Artfully Ila, just click on her name for the link.
On this card I used a stamping bella image called huggybella - isn't it just tooo cute! Also used Imagine that textured cardstock (from Walmart in Minot) and MME Wild Asparagus paper. I also used a prima flower and put an adorable big brad that I think I got at my local scrapbook store. I did alot of distressing on the paper on this card, I hope you like it!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas is coming!

This week at work we are decorating for Christmas!! The boss gave us a nice budget, and we are putting it to great use, can't wait to actually put all the stuff up!!

I thought that posting some more christmas cards would help me to get into the spirit more too, so here are two cards with the same set.
These cards turned out so cute! (I think so anyways)

The main image is House Mouse (Happy Hoppers) Design stamp. It is called Carrot Tree.

I actually made these cards so long ago, that I don't remember what products I used on them. I guess if anyone needs to know, email me, and I will go looking. I can tell you that I used the cuttlebug for frame for the sentiment and on the bottom card I used the DCVW Christmas glitter stack.

Well, better I better get busy, tonight I have to put everyone's names on the stockings that we bought for work. Thought I could print off some names on the computer, and maybe do some stamping on them!! And then I am going to work on finishing my X-mas tree.

Hey, anyone watch grey's anatomy?? What did you think of that artery burst? I don't think that it looked real, but still couldn't help but gasp!

Wishing you a great beginning to the holiday season!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogger takes a time out

Hi All,

I tried and tried to upload some pictures on the weekend, but blogger just wouldn't let me!! So I had to upload to SCS instead. If you want to check out my SCS gallery, click here.

I decided to try that upload again today, so hopefully here are some christmas cards!!
I actually like how this card turned out. I wasn't sure how hard it would be to color in this large of an image, but it turned out good. I know you can't tell from the picture, but I love glitter, and it is all over this card...on the star...and all the presents...and the scalloped circle!!
Here's what I used to make it:
Stamps: magenta - under the tree, three bugs in a rug - tis the season
Inks: SU basic black,Sakura clear glitter pen, SU handsome hunter craft ink, coloring was done with Prismacolor pencils and OMS
Paper: Imagine that textured cardstock, DCWV the christmas stack, Georgia-Pacific white cardstock
Accessories: SU silver cord

And this card was made for a sketch challenge that I found on a blog that I check out. Unfortunately my post was a little late, because I see that she has already posted the next challenge. If you want to check out the blog that I am talking about, click here!!

Here's what I used to make this card!!
Stamps: SU Season of Joy
Paper: Georgia-Pacific white cardstock, SU regal rose, real red, and glorious green cardstock, DCWV the christmas stack
Ink: SU basic black, real red, wild wasabi, and summer sun

Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tagged again!

I got tagged my favorite wonderful Mother!! Click here for her amazing blog!

Here are the rules for this tag.. (tee hee, I just copied and pasted from my Mom's easy!)
1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Here goes...

Weird fact #1 - I like to eat alot of things frozen - most cookies, and chocolate bars, sometimes hotdogs, and bananas....I think this comes from my Mom too, she always froze the goodie rings from Dad's cookies, before we ate them. And who cares that you almost break your teeth on them, they taste better frozen!!

Weird fact #2 - I hide junk food from my hubby. I just find that if he sees something, esp. chocolate, he eats it all so fast, that I feel like I have to race to eat some or I won't get any!!

Weird fact #3 - I just can't stop using exclamation marks on every post that I write. I try to stop, but it just doesn't look right without them. And sometimes I edit my posts because I realize that I have used 4 exclamation marks at the end of each sentence!! I dunno, just can't help it!!

Fact #4 - I had a craft shop in my house about 10 years ago. My parents helped me to buy my first house, and they were amazing, helped me so much to fix and paint it, and build displays for the crafts. And for a while I did awesome!! People came from all over to see what I had in my store. It was great, but unfortunately I felt too tied down, and closed the store, before I should have.

Which brings me to Fact #5 - I believe that me and my Mom have tried just about every type of craft. When I was small, I did so many crafts. I was always enrolled in craft classes at the local craft store. I have done cross stitch, sewing, candle making, beadwork, knitting, needlepoint, plastic canvas, floral design, painting, liquid embroidery, scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc.... (I am sure that I am forgetting some things, but only my Mom would remember them all!!) Once I graduated from high school, my Mom and I started doing craft shows. We sold our stuff at the Sunflower craft show for alot of years (and made pretty good money at it too!!)

Fact #6 - I think I am running out of facts!! Hmmm, ok - how about telling you that I have worked with a Co-op since I was 16 years old. I worked for Prairie Co-op from 1991 to 2007, and recently (6 months ago) transferred to Southern Plains Co-op in Estevan. At Prairie Co-op, I worked as a Cashier at the grocery store, and then in 1995 started to work in the Administration Dept as a Office Clerk. Since transferring to Estevan I have worked at a Office Clerk, Bulk/Agro Clerk, C-Store Clerk, Deli Clerk, and now am hopefully I my final position for awhile as the new Payroll/Credit Manager.

Fact #7 - I miss having my large family around me. I had lived in Melville my entire life, up till 6 months ago. I have 2 sisters (who are twins!), 2 brothers, and my parents in Melville, as well as numerous Aunts, Uncles, grandparents, and lots of friends. It's hard to leave a place where you know just about everyone, and come to a place where I know nobody and start over!

Whew...all on to the second tag....

1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?
Tough question...well my Mom is already getting the embellishments, so maybe I would get the paper and we could share!!

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rub-ons, which would you choose?
Hmmm, rub-ons are nice, but you can have so much more fun with stamps! Hey wait, it doesn't say anything about I get ink?? If not, then I have to have rub-ons!

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year...which would you do?
Oooh, I agree with Mom on this one....(Cards, Cards, Cards...I love making them.)

4. Would you rather own a scrap booking store or have your own scrapping room at home...(can't have both he he he).
Good thing about having a scrapbooking store, is I could buy 1 of everything for myself, right??!

It would depend on if I had to work another job. If my only job could be the store, then possibly I would do it!

5. What is your CURRENT card making or scrapping style?
Ya know, I try to make cards that look like my Mom's amazing cards, but I find it to hard to add different embellishments, and I am always in a hurry to finish a few cards. So I think my style is clean, but not simple!! At least I hope so!

Here are the rules..............
Please answer the questions on your blog and tag 5 more people to answer the same questions..........make sure you list on your blog who you are tagging.

Time to tag people... I have decided that since I didn't do this game of tag right away, probably most people have been tagged already. But, if you haven't been, and you would like to participate, this is your tag!!! So if you do decide to do this tag, be sure you leave me a message, so I can check your tag out too!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A late Halloween

Hi guys,
I know, I know, this post is a little late. I have a fun halloween card, but I just haven't been able to find the time to post it. Now I am going to post it, and am not even going to let you know the products that I used....I am just getting so tired tonight!!

I also have a tag or two that I have to answer....Thanks Mom!! But do you know how hard it is for me to think of 7 unique things about me?....I have been trying to make a list, since I found out about the tag, and I only have 3 things so far! Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

Here is the... little bit late... halloween card!!
Here ya go, better late then never right!! If you have any questions about stamps used or anything else, please leave me a comment, and I will get back to you!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rubber Romance

I just love Rubber Romance images!!! I would sure be happy if I could afford to buy more of them! But since I can't right now, I will just have to show you the different cards I made with the same stamp.

I am a bit tired and short of time tonight, so I am just going to post the pictures, and if anyone has any questions, just send me a quick email, and I will let you know the products that I used on these cards.
Here is card #1
And card #2
And finally my favorite....card #3
Hope you enjoy these cards, and maybe I will have a halloween card to post in the next few days!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Mouse

Hey guys!!

I have 2 cards to share today, that I made for a baby boy and a baby girl.
They were made with the cutest House Mouse stamp set!
I wanted to have a few cards sitting around, just because every time I need one, I don't always have time to make one. I'm sure you all understand!! It just seems to be harder to work under!
Stamps: House Mouse - baby blocks, SU fancy flexable phrases
Paper: Imagine That textured cardstock, DCWV nana kids, Georgia-Pacific white cardstock
Ink: SU basic black, VersaMagic jumbo java dewdrop, Prismacolor pencils and OMS
Accessories: May Arts ribbon, prima flowers, and brads

Hey, and today I found out my new title at my new job....are you is....Credit and Payroll Manager!! Doesn't that sound important..Woo, Hoo!! I wish the pay was as good as the title! Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Celebrate mouse!

Hello there!
Today I had a day off work!!! I thought that I would get to spend all day making cards, but then I got caught up on my blog surfing, cleaned up my house, and did a little shopping, and there was not much time left for stamping....oh well.

This card is for one of my best friends from high school...her name is Kim...and I had to wait to post the card, because I didn't want her to see it here before she got it.

Kim...if you are reading this, I hope you had a very happy birthday!!!
Now, on to the card....
Stamps: House Mouse - make a wish, HOTP expressions
Paper: DCWV the glitter stack, SU cool caribbean, whisper white, Imagine that textured cardstock
Ink: SU basic black and purely pomegranate, Prismacolor pencils and OMS
Accessories: May arts ribbon, brads, prima flowers
Tools: SU photo corner punch, machine stitching, SU corner rounder, the paper studios punch (for punching 2 holes for the ribbon to go through)
Now off to try to make a couple more cards before bed!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Look what I got for my Birthday!!

Look at what my husband bought me for my birthday on October 2nd.
Aren't they gorgeous!!! My husband showed up at my workplace last Tuesday with 1 dozen red roses and 1 dozen pink carnations. Silly man...he showed up with the flowers at 10 am, and I wasn't done work until 5 pm...and there were NO water picks on the roses. I have been working it the petroleum and agro department of Southern Plains Co-op, so I didn't really have anything to put them in till I got home. I finally found a big rubber pail, and when I set them in the pail...I noticed that the middle carnations were all moldy!! Dusten called the flower shop and they delivered another dozen of carnations to me. I made a quick stop to the flower shop after work, because how can you make a nice display without any babys breath and ferns?!
I think they look just beautiful now!!

Oh, and I have news....I just got a new position at Southern Plains Co-op......I was just promoted to management. I am the new payroll/credit girl for Southern Plains Co-op! I even get my own office!!! How wonderful!!!

Smile on your face ATC

Hey guys,
I wanted to post a ATC that I made recently for halloween. I made the ATC for my Mom, and finally had the opportunity to give it to her at Thanksgiving supper in Melville.

Stamps: House Mouse - little punkin, SU batty for you
Inks: SU basic black, Versamagic pumpkin pie dew drop, SU white gel pen, Sakura stardust clear pen, prismacolor pencils and OMS, twinkling H2O's
Paper: DCWV retro prints matstack, SU whisper white cardstock, DCWV the fall matstack
Accessories: May arts ribbon, SU scalloped punch
Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thinking of you...

I have a card to share today, that I sent to a relative of a blogger friend that I have, that has cancer. I hope that he likes it.
For the main image on this card, I used a high hopes stamp. Their stamps are so nice, you need to check them out!! They can be found here. The image I used is called "ice cream for two". Other stamps I used are HOTP - expressions, and SU warmest regards.
I used Prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits to blend. And a few different kinds of papers, such as Paper Reflections - kraft paper, MME Magnolia paper, and SU whisper white cardstock.
If you have any questions on this card, be sure you ask!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sketch Challenge

Looky here....I think this is my third post in 1 week. For me this is a record, sometimes I can't even seem to post once a week. I'm so excited that I've actually had a few cards to share lately!!
This card is for Carla's sketch challenge on Moralia's can check out all the details here...

And here is the card....
Stamps: Stampabilities - tails of true love, Hot off the press - expressions clear stamps (btw...if you guys find a place to buy these clear stamps, I gotta tell you...these are the best stamping clear stamps I have ever found!!)
Paper: Imagine that textured cardstock, MME wild asparagus paper, K + Company brenda walton neopolitan paper.
Ink: SU basic black, VersaMagic jumbo java, Prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits.
Accessories: SU Hodgepodge hardware, prima flowers, brads
Tools: Coluzzle, SU photo corner punch, machine stitching
I can't believe I actually got this card done last night. Usually I sit in my craft room and put on old movies, but last night I put on "how to lose a guy in 10 days" and I ended up watching the whole movie..I didn't really do much creating!! Note to time put on a crappy old movie!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Card for Dana

Hi Everyone. I have a card to show you, that I made for my Uncle Dana who is battling cancer.
In one of my earlier posts and on a Yahoo group that I am in...called CST...I asked fellow stampers if they would send him a card. My Uncle emailed me today, and told me that said that he got his first card in the mail (he sounded pretty excited about it), so thank you to all of you that have asked me for his address and sent him a card. It really means alot!!

Here is the card that I sent to him. And I just wanted to thank Kristine..of ink something..again for this image.
Stamps: Whipper snapper designs - flowers for you duck, CTMH for every occasion, SU warmest regards.
Inks: SU basic black, VersaMagic jumbo java, Prismacolor Pencils and odourless mineral spirits and Sakura stardust gel pens.
Papers: SU whisper white, Imagine that textured cardstock, DCWV the glitter stack.
Accessories: brads, prima flowers, machine stitching
I made this card VERY, VERY sparkly, by using my stardust pens on the flowers, edges of the prima flowers, and I highlighted the duck with them too. I am sure that my Uncle will enjoy this card!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anniversary Card

Here is the card that I made for my Mom and Dad's Anniversary. Their anniversary was actually on August 25th, but I am late at posting this card, also they got it late from me, so I had to make sure that they got the card...Before I posted it! (Don't you think they should be the first ones to see it??!)

I found the pattern on how to make this card on is called the Cami Trifold Card, you can find the pattern too, by clicking here. Ok, so I guess I should tell you the stamps that I used.

Stamps: Changito rubber stamps, SU priceless, Stamping Bella - happy anniversary, SU so many sayings, CTMH for every occasion

Inks: SU Basic Black, VersaMagic Jumbo Java, SU Purely Pomegranate and Wild Wasabi, Sakura stardust gel pens, Prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits

Papers: SU whisper white, Imagine that textured cardstock, DCWV Retro Prints Mat Stack

Accessories: Brads

I have a couple more cards to post, but I have to go to work now, sooo maybe after work, but we will have to see!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

RAK request and an wonderful anniversary card.

I got a wonderful card in the mail the other day, for my anniversary. It is from my Mom (Ila) here to check out her amazing blog, and check there later for more details on this beautiful card!!
Isn't this card just beautiful!! I love how my Mom spends so much attention to details. Her coloring is fantastic! Thanks Mom!!

I also have a bit of a request for some of my blog readers. My Mom's brother (my Uncle Dana) has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He is just 55 years old and is terminal. We do not know how much longer he has to live, doctors say that he could go any day, or could live up to 10 months.
When I was younger my uncle would always send me and my family christmas cards that he bought from a store, but he would think that they were to plain, and would buy some glue and glitter and fill them up with glitter, before mailing them to us.
I had started sending him a homemade card for christmas every year, and he always emails our family and tells them, that Trina made him a homemade card, and he says how much he likes it and how nice it is.
Anyways...if anyone would be interested in sending him a card, it would be truly appreciated. He is a great guy and it is going to be hard for him because he is pretty much alone, and doesn't have alot of family around (he was never married and has no children). I know that it would brighten his day.

If you would like to send him a card, please email me for his name and address. My email address is
Thank you everyone.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another wedding card

Wow, 2 posts in one day, right? And I have a couple more cards to share yet!!

First one is another wedding card that I made for a co-worker of my husband, who just got married a couple of weeks ago.

Stamps: American art stamp - congrats!
Inks: SU classic basic black ink, Prismacolor Pencils and odorless mineral spirits, SU basic black marker, Sakura stardust clear gel pen.
Paper: SU basic black and whisper white, patterned paper from Hobby Lobby(not sure who made it), Imagine that textured cardstock.
Accessories: May arts ribbon
Tools: Cuttlebug, SU photo corner punch, Marvy Mega and Giga ovals.

I have one more card from Dusten's birthday, which was on August 27th, to share with you too!!
Just like my father-in-law, I thought that Dusten would like a Harley card too!! Guy cards are just too hard to make, but ask my for a card for a female, and I never have a problem!
There are no stamps on this card just stickers and rub ons, the list is below.
Inks: SU basic black marker, and sakura stardust gel pen.
Accessories: May arts ribbon. eyelets from SU, Harley-Davidson stickers, My sentiments exactly rub ons.
Paper: Harley-Davidson paper
Tools: Marvy giga oval punch

Well, that's it for today, I am off now for lunch with some of my Co-op friends. I have taken some pictures of my house before we painted it, so hopefully when we are finished, we can take some more and I will show you the huge difference! I think it looks great!!
Have a great day :)

A few new cards!

Good Morning, I am so excited to actually have a day off from work during the week, and because it is so cold, I can't paint my house today!! Sooo, I think I will update my neglected blog, and maybe even have time to make a card or two!

The first card I am sharing today is an anniversary card for my wonderful husband. We celebrated our 6th year of being married on Sept. 1st. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. He treats me so great, and doesn't get mad even when I know I spend way too much on stamps sometimes!!

Before I show you the card I made, I would like to share a picture of my husband and our two dogs, Harlee and Wynter(wynter is the white dog..thought you wouldn't figure that

Isn't this picture cute!! Whenever my husband walks in the house and sits on the couch, the dogs are immediately there and won't even let us have a minute of peace. Wynter even insists on sleeping between us at night. But we wouldn't trade them for the word, they are great doggies.

Here is our anniversary card. I don't know if you can tell, but the Love is all colored with sakura stardust gel pens. I love how shiny this looks!!

Stamps: SU Priceless, Hedgehog Happiness, Love Matters

Inks: SU Basic Black, VersaMagic Jumbo Java, SU Cameo Coral, Prismacolor Pencils and odourless mineral spirits and Sakura stardust gel pens.

Papers: MME Magnolia paper, Paper reflections Kraft paper, DCWV Petro Prints Mat Stack

Accessories: May arts ribbon, ticket corner punch, heart brad, staples

Hubby sure liked this card, I am so glad, cause it is so hard to make a card for him!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

More cards and my annoying internet!!

I was going to post this, right when I got home from work (approx 6 pm), but my internet was down again. You have no idea how much it has been down these last couple of months - absolutely crazy...and annoying! Sasktel was here last week, and gave me a new modem, so the problems should be ending soon (fingers crossed).

So I am finally up and running, and wanted to let you know what a great person and blogger Kristine from Ink Something is!!! You see, Kristine and I shared some images a couple of months ago. I sent her some stamping bella images, and she sent me a bunch of whipper snapper images, I believe. Anyways she felt that she owed me some more images, so she just sent me a ton more. I also have now gotten 2 beautiful cards from her and a bunch of cardstock cuttlebugged!! What a great girl!! I want to share some of what I received with you, so the following are the cards and some of the papers she sent to me.

Aren't I the luckiest girl ever!!! Thanks so much Kristine. Your cards are beautiful. I love the layout on the card with the cute duck! And your coloring is awesome!

I am so lucky!!

I wanted to share with you, what I received in the mail a couple of days ago. First of all, I belong to a yahoo group called Bellaholicsanonymous. If you want more details email me!! Anywho....I signed up on a RAK list(random act of kindness)...and received my first RAK this week.

It is such a beautiful card!!

The wonderful card was made by Janet Berezowecki who is from Manitoba. Thanks Janet, this gorgeous card was much appreciated!!

I also received another surprise in the mail that day, but will have to let you know about it later, cause darn it anyways, it's time to go to work. Gotta make a living to support that Stamping habit, ya know!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wonderful friend

I am not going to do much of a post today, because I am sick with a viral infection, that has my neck and back so sore, that I can't do much. But I didn't totally forget about you guys, I just haven't felt like making cards or sitting at my computer.
Here is the card, made for my best friend, Michelle's, birthday. The girl image is actually part of a piece of scrapbook paper from the rusty pickle.

Stamps: SU wonderful favorites, SU baroque motifs

Inks: Versamagic jumbo java, SU really rust, SU basic black marker

Papers: Rusty pickle - lets do lunch, imagine that textured cardstock, basic grey 6 x 6 scrapbook designer paper from Michaels

Accessories: SU Distressing tool and punch tool

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fluffles and watermelons

I am sorry for not posting more often, it seems like something always seems to come up lately.

I DO have a couple of new cards for you....
The first one is for Julia's sketch challenge on Splitcoaststampers "The Dirty Dare" - I was supposed to upload this card over a week ago...thank goodness the girls there left the gallery open for a few weeks for us always late girls!!
Stamps: Stampendous grasshopper fluffles, SU fancy flexable phrases
Paper: Imagine that textured cardstock, Rob & Bob Studio superslab 8, SU whisper white cardstock
Inks: SU basic black, Versamagic chalk ink - jumbo java, prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits
Accessories: may arts ribbon, sakura stardust clear gel pen, the paper studio - bubble.a.bilities
Tools: SU corner rounder, Sewing Machine, SU distressing tool

The next card was made with one of my new stamps that I bought on my last trip to Minot, ND. You have no idea how MUCH I LOVE living only 1 1/2 hours from rocks!! It is closer to Minot then it is to Regina, so why not go to Minot...especially with our dollar being as good as it is right now.
Stamps: Stampabilities - hop it - seed shooter, SU riveting
Paper: SU whisper white, Imagine that textured cardstock, unknown paper from a stack bought at Michaels
Inks: SU basic black, Versamagic chalk ink-jumbo java, prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits, SU watercolor crayons
Accessories: May arts ribbon, SU metal edge tags, SU basic black marker, SU black embossing powder
(here is a little tip for not emboss something and then in that area, try to blend your prismacolor pencils with odourless mineral spirits!! The mineral spirits make the embossed area smudge everywhere. I found a blender pen and the SU watercolor crayons, work way better!)

Thanks again for your kind comments, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I was tagged by Nancy and Charlene a couple of days ago to participate in a new type of tag!!!
This new tag is a pay it forward type of tag, where I have to make a RAK (random act of kindness) for can be for family, a friend, a fellow blogger or just someone I know, and then I have to tag 5 other ladies to participate too!!
I will get my card out by the weekend, cause I have been way to busy lately!!

Now to tag 5 others......

Kristine (ink something)
Jody (confessions of a ribbon addict)
Karen (pottsplace)
Janet (Janet's cards and layouts)
Penny & Lisa (two stampin' sisters)
I think that last one counts as 2, so I guess I tagged six people...oops, guess I can't


One of my husbands co-workers asked me to make a card for his Mom's wedding. This co-worker is sooo cute!!! And what a nice guy - he came over one day to use our pool and had supper with us, and he raved about my cooking, and asked repeatedly if he could help with anything (while my hubby sat on his but I might add!!). Hubby better watch out....he may get in trouble!!!

I think I spent extra time making this card, because I thought that this guy was so special. I hope that his Mom and her new husband like it!!Stamps: American art stamp - congrats!, CTMH - for every occasion

Inks: SU classic basic black and whisper white craft ink, Prismacolor Pencils and odorless mineral spirits, SU basic black marker, Sakura stardust clear gel pen. (I'm sure you can't tell, but I used the stardust pen to color in the bride's hairpiece, shoes, dress and the grooms shoes and tissue, also I colored around the scallops made with the punches and the photo corners - this is one very shiny card...sorry you can't see it in the photo!!!)

Paper: SU basic black and whisper white, DCWV the glitter stack, Imagine that textured cardstock.

Accessories: May arts ribbon, Prima flowers, brads.

Tools: Cuttlebug, SU ticket corner punch and word window punch, Marvy Mega and Giga ovals.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Woo, Hoo, I am a rockin' girl blogger too!!

Hey everyone,

I got nominated for the rockin' girl blogger award by Ila. Thanks so much Mom!!!
I now need to nominate 5 other bloggers too. I am so excited...there are so many that I love!!Here goes.....

Kristine at

Julia at

Jody at

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I check out soooo many blogs that it was hard to choose just 5!! I hope you enjoy checking these ladies out...their creations are awesome!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sympathy or Wedding card??

I have a couple of different occasions happening in the next week. I used this same stamp set for both cards and pretty much the same colors, but they are for very different occasions!!

The first one is a wedding card for my cousin Julie who is getting married to Travis this weekend.

Stamps: SU happy harmony, Autumn Leaves swirls by rhonna farrer
Paper: SU whisper white, almost amethyst, sage shadow, and bravo burgundy
Ink: SU basic black, almost amethyst, sage shadow, and bravo burgundy
Accessories: unknown brads, SU silver cord

The second one is for a friend's friend who has a Mom that just passed I hope you understood that one!! I just love this set, and think it is good for so many different occasions!

Stamps: SU happy harmony, french script, warmest regards
Paper: SU almost amethyst, certainly celery, and whisper white. MME magnolia paterned paper??
Ink: SU basic black, almost amethyst, sage shadow
Accessories: SU silver cord, may arts ribbon, ticket corner punch

I hope you like both my cards, I know I had lots of fun making them!!

Harley Card for my Father-in-law

This card is for my husband's father. His birthday is this month. He has to be the absolute hardest person to make a card for. Dusten said that he wouldn't like cute images like crabs or hedgehogs. He only likes cars and bikes, so I decided I needed to come up with a card that incorporates Harleys this time, because his last couple of cards have had cars on them.
This is what I used:
Stamps: Close to my Heart - Card Sentiments
Paper: EK Success - Harley-Davidson, SU Basic Black Cardstock
Inks: SU Craft Whisper White
Accessories: Harley-Davidson Stickers, Copper Eyelets, Sakura Silver Gel Pen, Ric Rac from Walmart
I think I will have another card ready to hopefully post tomorrow!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quick Card

I made this card for a friend who has lost her Mom. But silly me, I am not even sure if she will get it, because when I was given the address - I wrote it down wrong. So instead of sending my card to Highbury Ave...I sent it to Highway Ave. I sure hope my card makes it!!
Stamps: Autumn Leaves - flowers stamps by rhonna farrer, CTMH for every occasion
Inks: SU Basic Black, Close to Cocoa, Mellow Moss, Sakura Stardust Gel Pens
Paper: SU Mellow Moss, Pumpkin Pie, and Bashful Blue, DCWV Pockets full of Posies
Accessories: Creative Impressions brads, May arts ribbon, stitching, Prima pixie tin flowers

Thank you everyone, for all the kind comments and for signing up for regular updates on my blog!! It really means alot!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Another tag!?!

My goodness, haven't you guys had enough yet?? I seem to keep being tagged lately, this time by Ila and Nancy. Who wants to know 7 silly little things about me??

Well here goes anyways.....

1. I am obsessive with my food when I eat. What I mean is that I have to eat all the food on my plate in a certain order, and I don't like to eat a little of this and a little of that. I normally eat my veggies, then the pasta or potatoes and then finally the meat. I don't know why I do this, I just do. I think I am saving what I feel is the best for last, but sometimes, my eyes are way to big for my stomach, and I seem to run out of room before I get to the best part. I watch people take a bit of potatoes, then a bite of a veggie and then a bite of their meat and keep on doing it until they are done eating, but I just can't do that!!

2. I love to read. When I was in junior high school, there was a competition and we had to mark down the number of books we read. I won, because in 30 days, I read OVER 30 books...and these weren't really small books...they averaged about 250 pages each. I still love to read now, but I don't get nearly the same amount of time, as I did then. I still have a problem with starting a book and read it until its done. Most books only last me 2 to 3 days!!

3. I love working with numbers. I was an office clerk in Melville for 12 years, and before that I worked as a cashier for 4 years...and my cashups were always really good because I took the time to double check things and really love work with numbers ...and MONEY too!!

4. I just bought a pool. We just bought it at Walmart in Estevan. It cost 199.99 and is 3 feet deep and 16 feet across. Dusten and I always wanted a hot tub...but can't afford one, so I think this will be the next best thing.

5. I am an amazing baker. I can bake cheesecakes, slices, pies, cakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, donuts, etc. etc. - they always taste amazing and I always have people asking for my recipies. I really enjoy baking and think that it relieves stress. Only problem is then I have to eat it too, and neither me nor Dusten need that kind of food!!

6. I hate it when my husband watches TV. All he ever seems to watch is wrestling, speed vision, racing, sports of any kind, and the darn bounty hunter show. I don't usually watch TV with him because it seems like that is all he watches. I have a computer in the living room and I get annoyed when I am playing on the computer and have to listen to racing or wrestling at the same time. Also seems like he is usually not watching it either, he always seems to start snoring. But if I ever tried to turn it off, I would get my butt kicked.

7. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, and they are each amazing people in their own way. I wouldn't trade them for the world!! I also have some pretty great parents, who decided that they wanted a big family, when most famillies were starting to have 2-3 kids, my parents instead had 5, I sure am grateful. (of which I am the oldest!!!)

I feel that enough people have been tagged, so I am not going to tag anyone. If you haven't been tagged, but wish you were, then consider this your tag and get to work posting!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Coffee and a friend

This card is for my friend Raquel. Raquel is celebrating a birthday in July. She is one of my oldest and best friends, whom I met in high school, and even though we live hours and hours apart - when we get together, we are still able to talk like there is no distance.

Stamps: Stamping Bella - Javabella, SU Seeing Spots, CTMH For every occasion
Paper: SU Whisper White, Regal Rose, DCWV the glitter stack
Ink: SU basic black, SU Whisper White craft, Prismacolor pencils
Accessories: brads, prima flowers, may arts ribbon, SU Signo Gel Pen

Thanks for looking!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hedgehog Baby

My cousin and his wife just had a baby. I needed to hurry up and make a baby card - I sure wish I was so ahead of the game - that I already had some done...unfortunately that's never the way it happens. I am always scrambling to get one done as soon as possible.
I actually have 2 cards to show you today. They are both done using hte same stamp set, on one the flowers are colored as sunflowers, and on the other they are colored as daisys...which one do you like better??

Stamps: Penny Black - Nap Time, SU Warm Words
Inks: SU Basic Black, Lavender Lace, Pretty in Pink, Barely Banana, Prismacolor Pencils and odourless mineral spirits.
Paper: SU Pretty in Pink, Barely Banana, Lavender Lace, Imagine that -textured cardstock, unknown paterned paper
Accessories: Prima flowers, brads, may arts
These cards were so much fun to make...I hope you like them.


I received a rak in the mail a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to take a picture of it and post it...but I didn't want to forget because it is beautiful!!

The card is from Kerry Schwenneker - who is my up,up,upline - from Stampin' Up!

If you like her card...then go check out her blog...
The stamps used are from Stampin' Up!
Thanks for the card Kerry!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Father's Day

Hi All,

I have a card to post today, but first I want to let you know what I did this week. I have been crazy busy working at Southern Plains Co-op - we just had our grand opening on Wednesday, AND I just got back from a weekend at Clear Lake, was an amazing weekend. I got to spend Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday with my wonderful family!!

The weather was great on Friday, we went swimming, and shopping, and had a few drinkies!! What a relaxing time!! On Saturday it rained all day, so more shopping, and we even went to the movies! And then on Sunday, more shopping (man, am I broke...and what am I going to do?..the new Stampin' Up! catty is coming out on July 1st!!), then we went for ice cream, walked around, and took tons of pictures!!

So here is the card...
Stamps Used: SU Crab & Company, MSE Rub-ons
Paper: SU Old Olive and Chocolate Chip, mme Magnolia designer paper
Inks: SU Craft Whisper White, SU Chocolate Chip, SU Basic Black Marker, Prismacolor Pencils and odourless mineral spirits
Accessories: May arts ribbon, Time 4 Crafts - scrapbook stickers
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

God didn't promise!

Today's card was made for my friend Kelly. She is one of my first friends in Estevan and I am so thankful that I met her. She is going to have surgery today...just a minor surgery, but I know she was worried about it!

I used some of my new things from Minot for this card.

Stamps used: American Art Stamp - worth it
Paper used: Imagine that - textured cardstock, DCWV = the glitter stack
Inks used: SU basic black and close to cocoa, prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits, Sakura clear gel pen
Accessories: Brads, Prima flowers, machine stiching, may arts ribbon

I just loved all the paper and stamps that I picked up in Minot last weekend, that I couldn't wait to use them!!

This weekend we are off to Yorkton, for our niece's first birthday.
Hope you all have a great weekend!