Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, so now I have to list 7 things about myself now too, thanks to my Mom, Ila!! (If you want to check out my Mom's blog, the link is on the side).

1. I met my best friend, when we were chasing after the same guy. We each thought that the other hated her, but somehow managed to get together anyways. In the end we found out that some friendships can be better and stronger then relationships!

2. I used to chew my fingernails...I mean really chew my fingernails...they would actually bleed because I chewed them to low. And I didn't really quit until I was in my 20's, unfortunately if I get really stressed then I look down and usually have chewed one off again.

3. I have had a weight problem all my life. I love food. Any kind of food. I especially love junk food, like chocolate, chips, gummy candies, pop, baking, and anything with cheese. It is a never ending battle. Before Christmas I had lost 95 pounds, but since moving to Bienfait, I have put 20 pounds back on. It makes me miserable, but sometimes I just can't make myself stop eating.

4. I am short. I am only 4 feet 10 1/2 inches. Whenever I tell someone how tall I am, I tell them not to forget the 1/2 an inch, because someone who is only 4 foot 10 inches is considered a little person, and I want everyone to know that I am not a little person!! I'm just vertically deficient or vertically challenged.

5. I have 2 dogs whom are spoiled rotten. All they have to do is cry, and my husband or I run to get them a treat. One of them even sleeps in our bed, right between me and my husband!

6. I love to bake, but have an incredibly hard time cooking. I can bake cakes, donuts, bread, cookies, cheesecakes, muffins or any other type of treat that you can think of, but I sit at home after work and I can't find something to make for supper. Nothing looks easy enough, and nothing seems appetizing. And I don't know how to stuff a bird, or put a coating on chicken or fish, or marinate something. Everytime I try to cook a roast, it either gets way overdone and hard, or I put it in my slow cooker and it falls apart. I just don't know what to cook and spend time every week just looking at the meat at the store, but never really buy anything.

7. I buy way to many craft supplies. I have been buying things forever, but I never have time to use them. I have many collections of craft supplies...everthing from candle making, soap making, cross stitching, plastic canvas, knitting, crocheting, wood and paint for woodcrafts, and anything you could ever want for cardmaking and scrapbooking. And when something new comes out, I just go crazy until I can buy it. I'm obsessed!! I just wish I had the time and energy to actually use some of the wonderful stuff I buy.

Well, there are my 7 things, it wasn't as hard as I thought. Now, I'm supposed to tag someone else....but, I think that this round of tag has gone all over the place already. So if anyone reading this blog hasn't been tagged, then TAG you are it and it's your turn!!! Good Luck!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Have I got a couple of cute cards for you!

I wanted to make a card for Shane (if you look down a couple of posts, you will know who I am talking about). Here is the card I made for him.

I really like how this card turned out. I used Prismacolor Pencils and Odourless mineral spirits for the coloring. Also on the present, cake and flowers..I used my Sakura Stardust Clear pen (for a little added interest). I found some patterned paper from my stash -no idea where its from, if I had to guess - I would say its from Michaels - cause most of my pattered paper is from there. I used my Stampin' Up! marker to doodle beneath the patterned paper and my White Gel Pen from Stampin' Up! to make the dots on the side of the chickens. Cardstock is from Stampin' Up!

I have one more card to show you. This card is the same as the top card, except it is a congratulations card. I have a friend who just got a job as the Accountant at the Co-op in Canora, AND a brother who just passed his exams with the CNR, so he is going to be a Conductor!! Everyone needs a card!! And I love the new set I got from CTMH because it has some cute sayings.

I hope whomever gets this card, likes it! Oh, and Thanks to my Mom, cause I borrowed her Penny Black stamp, and I just love this image!! Mom, it will be interesting to see the cards you make with this stamp too!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Cow Card

I made a card for my brother, James the other day. It is going to be James' 31st birthday on April 27th. He owns a store in Melville called "The Peddler Shop", in it he rents movies, fixes bikes, sells toys and games, sells some crafts and scrapbooking supplies, has a full confectionery store, and he sells just about anything that anyone asks for. I think people joke that if they ask for it, James will get it. James is an awesome brother that will do just about anything for anyone, and I am very lucky to have him in my life!!
So, here is the card.....

I again colored the cow and chicken stamp from Penny Black with Prismacolor pencils and odourless mineral spirits. Then I distressed the edges of the background papers with my Stampin' Up! distressing tool and ink. The Happy Birthday is from another Stampin' Up! set and has been stamped on a tag cut out with my beloved cuttlebug. I used hemp twine from Stampin' Up! instead of ribbon...had to make the card look more
I just love Penny Black stamps, they are so beautiful!! I am going to have some more cards made with a couple more Penny Black stamps in the next little while, so I hope you enjoy them!! Have a great weekend!


I went to a CTMH (Close to my Heart) card party a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share the cards that we made with you. I am not really sure what I think of CTMH. I really like how their stamps stamped, but to stamp on textured cardstock (which is ALL they sell) you don't get a really good impression. Also I found all the cards pretty basic, I am not saying they are not nice, but they are a bit more basic then what I like. So take a look and tell me what you think!!

All of these cards were quickly scanned on my computer before I went to Melville for Easter, I just never had a chance to upload them before. I just spent the last weekend painting my bathroom, and I have been working on my income tax and we are going to put up a fence this weekend (if the horrible wind stays away!)

I hope that you enjoy these cards, the consultant that taught me to make these cards did alot of distressing to the edges of the paper, and she used alot of flowers!! I really liked the liquid glue that CTMH sells, it goes on blue and goes clear when it dries. Also I noticed that my cards are still flexable, which is one of the problems I sometimes find with a glue stick.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The post that wasn't

I have some pictures to show you today, but unfortunately my blogger won't let me upload them. When I try to upload them, they show up as a little white box with a red X inside. If any of you know what the reason for this is, and what I can do to fix it, please let me know. This is SOOO annoying!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cards for Shane

So, Amy R posted on her website about making cards and sending them to a little boy with Leukemia. She also posted a link for YouTube where Shane actually asks for the cards. I suggest everyone of you go and check out that video, and if you don't want to make a card after watching the video, then you are not the type of person that I want reading my blog anyway!! Honestly guys here is the link....go and check it out!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cow and Chickens??

I have a new card to post for you all today. I made this card using a stamp from Penny Black that I got from Morning Star Ink in Alberta. I have ordered from them a couple of times, and always get great service and my stamps always arrive in a couple of days.

On this card I used Stampin' Up!'s Green Galore Cardstock for the base. I stamped the crosshatch stamp on the base with Green Galore ink. The Cow and Chickens is stamped on SU Whisper white, and colored with prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits. The other colors on this card are Rose Red and Garden green. The happy birthday stamp is from Stampin' Up, and the "birthday" is punched out with the word window punch from Stampin' Up! Ribbon is from All My Memories. I hope you like this card. I think it is a fun spring card!!

I also want to share one more card with you. I received this card from my friend, Cindy Baillie. She gave it to me on my last day of work in Melville. It is soooo cute, and I love that the image is actually paper that she bought. I thought she had stamped it. Also the writing on the card is done by her, doesn't she have excellent calligraphy skills. Mine never looks this good!!

The paper that Cindy used is by Rusty Pickle and is called Let's Do Lunch. And, after she gave me this card, she also gave me a whole page of the paper too (and a few other papers by Rusty Pickle). What a great friend, I am so lucky!!! Hey Cin, if you read this... I miss you girl!!