Monday, August 27, 2007

I am so lucky!!

I wanted to share with you, what I received in the mail a couple of days ago. First of all, I belong to a yahoo group called Bellaholicsanonymous. If you want more details email me!! Anywho....I signed up on a RAK list(random act of kindness)...and received my first RAK this week.

It is such a beautiful card!!

The wonderful card was made by Janet Berezowecki who is from Manitoba. Thanks Janet, this gorgeous card was much appreciated!!

I also received another surprise in the mail that day, but will have to let you know about it later, cause darn it anyways, it's time to go to work. Gotta make a living to support that Stamping habit, ya know!!


Ila said...

This is a wonderful that Bella. Makes me want to go and make Bella cards.

Kristine said...

CUTE--Love that's different, but I likey! ;o)