Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been tagged....

I've know I've been tagged a few times lately, unfortunately, I thought I would post the tags later, and I seem to have misplaced quite a few of them...:(

The first tag that I do know about is from Michelle at Mommy Time , Eulanda at Cards, Cards and More Cards and Jill at Jill's Cards (Jill actually tagged me at the beginning of August - sorry it took me so long to put this up Jill). These ladies have amazing blogs!! You really should run and take a look!!

The rules to this game of tag is...

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I think I have told everyone most of the weird facts about me on the last game of tag, but I will try to think of 7 more!!

1. I am afraid of bugs. My husband says I am unusually afraid. I know I am unusually afraid of stinging bugs like wasps, bee's and horsefly's. I have alot of allergies, and at one time my Doctor told me that I might be allergic to these bugs, so I am not taking any chances. I've had to take my husband to the hospital 2 or 3 times because he has gotten stung by a wasp and it's blown up.
2. I like to stay home all the time. I don't get bored at home, there is always so much to do. My husband doesn't understand because he is such a social person, but I would rather just stay at home and really have to push myself to leave the house. Usually when I do go out I have a great time, so I really don't understand why I have the problem.
3. I have heel spurs on my feet. Heel spurs are so painful because there are bones that stick out of the bones on your heels and make it just torture to walk around. I am so excited because I am going to see a podiatrist tomorrow. Hopefully I will get some insoles made, and that will help my problem.
4. I am a very indecisive person. What I like to do is give people different choices and let them make their own decision. If you wait for me to make a decision, I will drive you crazy.
5. I am very close to my family, but have trouble spending too much time with my sisters. I love them to death, but we don't seem to have the patience to deal with each other. Sometimes there is even yelling, pinching and hitting.
6. I am a TV junkie!! I am so excited about all the new shows that are starting. As of right now, I watch gossip girl, one tree hill, 90210, privledged, grey's anatomy, ghost whisperer, how I met your mother, samantha who, smallville, private practice, and more. It's a wonder I have any time for cardmaking, and I am going to have to give up some of it in the next little while, if I want to lose some weight. I justify all of this tv by sitting in my craft room and pretending I am cardmaking.
7. My husband has trouble sticking to 1 job. In the first year that we were married he had 6 0r 7 jobs. We have lived in Estevan for not even 2 years, and he just quit his second job and is starting on his third. I wonder how long this one will last!!

I got this wonderful award from Nikki over at Bunny-Zoe's Blog. I'm sure that everyone knows about her amazing blog, but just in case you don't here is the link.

There are so many amazing blogs out there, so it's so hard to pass on this award, because I want to give it to everyone!!

I am going to pass the tag and this wonderful award on to:

Kristine - Cafe Ink

Lim - The voices in my head

Annie - Ink "n" rubba

Charly - Charly's Crazy Corner

Ila - Artfully Ila

Michelle - Mommy Time (Michelle tagged me, so just the award is being passed on to her)

Jo - Only Joking

Eulanda - Cards, Cards and more Cards (Eulanda tagged me, so just the award is being passed on to her)

Please go and check out all of these blogs, they are fantastic!!


sandie994 said...

Trina we must be related. I am so like you about happy being at home, (I too have fun when I go places) tv watching, and losing weight (ugh). Love your blog and cards!!

Lim said...

Oh wow..Thank you so much for thinking about me for this award. :)) You make my day!

Eulanda said...

OK WOW!! When I read your #2 I thought I had written it!! I soooo know what you mean but I just love being at home more then anything!

Eulanda said...

DUH! Thanks for giving me the Sweet Blog award!! SWEET!! LOL!

Jo said...

Thank you so much Trina for the award....that's so nice of you to think of me {hugs}. Sorry I haven't been about but very up and down at the moment with things happening in my personal life. However, will make a real effort to respond to the tag! xx

Kristine B. said...

OH, Trina... THANK YOU!! I DID actually see this last Tuesday because I get a google email whenever someone links my blog, but I got so busy and didn't post it yet. I LOVE this cute cuppycake award. Thanks!!
(I'm working on a huge project for church this week--not only their quareterly newsletter, but stamped cards for 20 people!!)

Oh wow...I thought I loved t.v., but I've never watched any of the ones you've mentioned?!! How can that be? I guess with little kids, I do't get that much time to watch. We are avid "SURVIVOR" watchers as well as American Idol, America's Got Talent, and I love those medical shows like Tragedy in the ER, Medical Incredible, Mystery Diagnosis, etc.

Ila said...

Thank you for the Award Trina....I'm so honered to recieve it from you!!...Luv Ya..Mum

mi sello personal said...

beautiful cards