Saturday, October 04, 2008


Morning everyone,

I haven't had a chance to make or post any new cards this week. My father-in-law is down and we are putting all new windows into our house and then hopefully putting up some siding. We are doing some huge changes this week so I can't wait to see what it all is going to look like when it's all finished! Probably going to go crazy before that though, because my whole living room is torn up and really soon my computer will have to go for a day or two.

I also wanted to let all of you know, to check back next week because I will be posting some birthday blog candy. It was my 34th Birthday on October 2nd!! I sure am starting to feel!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me and wished me a Happy Birthday, and thank you for all the cards that I've gotten in the mail. I will be posting those soon too!!

Hope you have a great weekend!! And I will be back soon!!


Bunny B said...

Happy belated Birthday! Oh, and Happy World Card Making Day too :)

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

We're 9 days difference in age Trina. I am also 34 on Saturday.. Hope all the work on your house goes smoothly, Hugs, Nikki x

Michelle said...

Awww man!! Trina, I must have missed the post with your birth date in it, so sorry!! Hope you had a fabulous day, & if you're old at 34, I'm not quite sure what that makes me, lol!! Congrats on the new house stuff ~~ siding & windows make a HUGE difference!!

Lim said...

Happy Birthday Trina!!I hope everything goes OK with the house. :)
New windows,WOW..That's nice ;))

retiredheather said...

not much fun for you but just think how much more comfortable your house will be with your new windows.

ink'n'rubba said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to you, and hope the windows are going in easy! hugs, annie x

Bubbles said...

Good luck with the house renovations, I know what it's like we've recently put an extension on! Glad you received my birthday card and hope you had a wonderful day.
Joanne x

Renata van Miltenburg said...

Hi Trina,

Good lucvk with all the stuff going on!

As a regular visiter of your blog I'm as cheeky to invite you to my cardkit swap. If you like the idea, pleas check out my blog! Thanks!

Kind regards, Renata

Heather's Creations said...

Happy belated birthday Trina, don't work too hard and hurry back!
**Hugs** Heather x

Nicole's Scrappin' Corner said...

geesh-I happy belated bday!
I'm just ahead of you..I turned 35 on my bday in August...yup-starting to feel old too. :O)
I'll miss your posts but new windows is so awesome!

Maria Matter said...

Belated Happy Birthday Trina!
Congrats on your house makeover!
Are you going to post pictures when your done?
Have fun!
Blessings, Maria

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...a little late but with lots of hugz. Hope all goes well with your house and you will love it when everything is done. Hope it doesn't take too long because I always look forward to your wonderful creations.

Kristine B. said...

Hey girl!! How's the house coming? Hope you're getting a little bit of stamping in? Come back soon!! :) HUGS!

tiggertastic said...

hello love, and a very happy birthday, and you are not old my love.

hope your week goes well

Sarah xx

Maria said...

Good luck with the home improvements and Happy Belated 34th. Hugs, Maria

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful.