Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some pictures of my craft room

Guess what...
Here are the first pictures of my newly painted and renovated house. When we moved into this house, I couldn't believe how disgusting it was. Everything was dirty!! The ceiling was so dirty that there were strings of dust hanging off of it. I walked into the house and scrubbed it from top to bottom. Now I decided that we needed some color and organization in this room.

These pictures are from when we first moved in.You can see there are 2 big windows in this house. We changed the windows, made both of them smaller actually. One of the windows was made half the size it was before, and made not to open, so I have more wall room!!
Isn't this white boring??
And new craft room/spare bedroom.
(I wonder if the color is going to keep any of our guests up at night?)
We still have a little work to do in this room....the winow is not totally finished....just the inside casing to go! Also I have to figure out what I am going to do with the cords from my tv. Think I am going to extend the satelite cord, so it can sit under the bed and dresser!!

Woo Hoo...I am so excited!! My craft area actually has a table!! Haven't had that before. I also think that I am going to hang some completed cards on the same wall as the table!! A girl needs all the inspiration that she can get sometimes!!
Hope you've enjoyed a quick view of my craft room!
I will be back soon...hopefully with pictures of the outside of our house and my living room!
Have a wonderful weekend! And thanks so much for all of your wonderful guys make my day!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Trina - enjoy!

tiggertastic said...

Trina so lovely to have an update from your on your wonderful house. the craft room is just fantastic, and you have used the space very well.

and... i like the colour you have painted it, i am sure your guests will too.

Sarah z

Bubbles said...

Looks great Trina, you've done a great job in transforming the once boring room!
We painted our old room yesterday, can you believe after painting the whole room I hated the colour so went straight out a bought a different one. Got back home and it had dried a bit lighter and we decided we could live with it rather than paint it again!! Now the new paint has got to go back!
The things we do heh!?
Joanne x

Rach said...

you have a lot of lovely room to create now Trina, a warm and inviting room. hugs rachxx

Ila said...

Your craft room looks Fabulous Trina!! warm and colorful!! it...Hugs, Mom

ink'n'rubba said...

it's looking good! and quite organised too! I have hubby working on my craft table today, it's now strapped up in the conservatory waiting for the glue to dry on the leg joints .. .. I have to be patient! hugs, annie x