Monday, October 08, 2007

Look what I got for my Birthday!!

Look at what my husband bought me for my birthday on October 2nd.
Aren't they gorgeous!!! My husband showed up at my workplace last Tuesday with 1 dozen red roses and 1 dozen pink carnations. Silly man...he showed up with the flowers at 10 am, and I wasn't done work until 5 pm...and there were NO water picks on the roses. I have been working it the petroleum and agro department of Southern Plains Co-op, so I didn't really have anything to put them in till I got home. I finally found a big rubber pail, and when I set them in the pail...I noticed that the middle carnations were all moldy!! Dusten called the flower shop and they delivered another dozen of carnations to me. I made a quick stop to the flower shop after work, because how can you make a nice display without any babys breath and ferns?!
I think they look just beautiful now!!

Oh, and I have news....I just got a new position at Southern Plains Co-op......I was just promoted to management. I am the new payroll/credit girl for Southern Plains Co-op! I even get my own office!!! How wonderful!!!


Ila said...

Beautiful Flowers Trina!! The new job news is Wonderful!! Congratulations!!!!...Luv Ya..Mom

Flossie's Follies said...

These are beautiful, what a nice surprise.

Nancy said...

Beautiful flowers Trina!! How wonderful!

And congratulations on the promotion!!

~Carla~ said...

Happy Belated birthday!! :) Congrat's on the job promotion and the flowers are gorgeous!!!