Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Look what I got in the mail!!

What a beautiful card I received!! It was made by Bev Barnett (who is Nancy's Mom - in case you didn't know). She has a blog too, but I am not sure how active she is on it, click here for her blog.

Inside this card, Bev embossed "Season's Greeting's" in gold. It is just the right touch.
I also love how she did her coloring on the tree's decorations and the presents with Sakura stardust pens!! Very, very classy and beautiful card, Bev. Thank you so much for thinking of me!!


Ila said...

This is such a Beautiful card!! Lucky you!!

Kristine said...

OH CUTE!! :) Lucky YOU!! I haven't gotten any handmade Christmas cards this year :( Guess it's true: you reap what you sow, cause I only made a handful of cards this year and sent them to people who don't really stamp. HA! Anyway, just want to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS Trina!! :)

Love and Peace,

Michelle said...

Hi Trina ~~ I found your blog through your mom's blog & just wanted to say HI & Happy Holidays!! You are very talented, like mother like daughter! Can I just say how lucky you are to have such a creative & talented mom?? My mom has never done a craft in her life ~~ she doesn't "see the point", lol. I so wish I had a crafty mom that I could learn from, & spend crafty time with, & go crafty shopping with!! You are a very lucky lady!!!! I'm a huge fan of your mother's!!! (And yours too, now that I found your blog!)

Happy New Year!!
Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy on SCS)

Nancy said...

I'm sitting here, missing Mom tonight... and decided to Google her name.... this was the first thing that came up.... thanks for putting a smile on my face tonight, Trina!