Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I got tagged by Charly at Charly's Crazy Corner. I love checking out her blog, especially since lately she has had up tons of Bella cards. Go and take a look, I'm sure you will love them!!
The rules state that I have to list 7 random things about myself, so here goes:
1. I work at Southern Plains Co-op in Estevan, SK, and am so excited that I am going to be starting a new position in less then 2 weeks. I am going from payroll manager to C-Store Manager Trainee, and then C-Store Manager after 16 weeks of training. It will be so exciting to manage my own store, but I worry about the amount of time that I will get to make cards and look at everyones blogs. You may lose me for a while, but I will be back!
2. I can gain and lose weight quite fast, but have never been able to keep of the weight. I am attempting to start another battle with the bulge, cause I hate the way I look right now so much that I won't even put up a current picture of me.
3. I hate carrots.....I know it's weird, but I do!!
4. I was angry with my husband for going away this weekend, when we were supposed to do work on our house, but secretly, I am really happy cause I can spend time on the computer without him complaining! (Just don't tell him!)
5. Everytime I make a card, I have to spend 20 minutes before I start cleaning up my huge mess. I don't even know where the mess comes from, I think I am an organized person, but some time during the cardmaking process I forget to put things away!!
6. I am so lucky to be able to tan really easily in the summer. I don't even have to go out and tan, and I will end up darker than the people who spend hours and hours out there each year. My only problem is that the first few times I am in the sun, I get a red itchy sun rash!!
7. I hate being around wasps and bees. A wasp came into my house on the weekend, when I was letting the dogs out, and I started shaking, because I am so afraid of getting stung. I have alot of allergies, and we think that I am allergic to wasp and bee stings. (Just to let you know, I did eventully kill the wasp, after freaking out for about 15 minutes. I sprayed him with creepy crawler, and then when he could hardly move, I pounded the crap right out of him with a fly swatter!)

Now I should be tagging more bloggers, so what I am going to do, is if you think you would like to answer 7 questions, then consider yourself tagged.

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