Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Card Class and Deer

Hello Ladies,
Sorry for not posting for a few days, unfortunatly it is going to happen again, I'm sure. I have been trying to post, but too much is happening. First of all, my DH hit a deer with our car. Our beautiful 2005 Ford Taurus (which I just let him drive recently!!!), it has OVER $10,000 damage, but they are going to fix it! YAY!!! I was afraid that if they wrote it off, I would never get a Taurus again, because the DH wants a darn truck. What good is a truck if you are trying to save money on gas so you can buy more stamps??? What's a girl to do??

So I was totally exausted for my card class on Monday, because of the truck incident which happened to be Sunday night. But it went well anyways!! I had 4 ladies attend and they each made 9 cards. 3 each of 3 different cards. I learnt one very important thing during my class, less watercoloring. Take a look above at the cards we made, I didn't think they were so bad, but it took a long time to watercolor, especially the flaky friends set. But everyone loved the cards, and the class helped to sell some Watercolor Wonder Crayons - which are wonderful!!! Ooh, I have a little tip. It was really easy for everyone to use the Watercolor Wonder Crayons, because they could all use them at the same time. They simply scribbled with some of the crayons onto palete paper, and then used a blender pen to pick up the color. It worked wonderful!!
So, I will be away this weekend, I am going to Estevan to go pick up the DH and my dog. And then on Saturday, I am going to Saskatoon. Probably won't be anything new on here till sometime next week, just so you don't keep looking!!

Chat with you later!!

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